Berry Creek Board Meeting

October 14, 2019 at 6:00pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members present:  Brandon Halcomb, Nedra Segall, Nancy Cooper, Lyle Testerman, Pat Kennedy, David Conway, Kathy Anderson, Rick Dearinger

Approval of Minutes:David Conway motioned that the previous meeting’s minutes be approved.  Nedra Segall seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed.
President Report:
* Allen Young has secured two police officers to patrol BC the night of Halloween (5pm-8pm)  Cost was approved at previous meeting ($320).  Brandon will post signs the weekend before Halloween.
*    Letters to Homeowners have produced good results.
* Clubhouse Floor was repaired by Luke Northcutt.
* BC Garage Sale was Oct 12.  The big dining table did not sell.  It was donated to Superthrift. Also, 5 small pool side tables were donated.
* Brandon attended an information meeting at City Hall and reported to us about the drainage project between Berry Creek and Surrey Hills.
Finance Report:
* Nancy Cooper had the latest bank statement/financial reports available for us to review.
Social Committee:
* Sara Arens is still working on securing babysitter’s for the Nov 4th Annual HOA meeting
Welcome Committee:
* Nancy Cooper reported the welcoming of the Harlow Family on Ashton. She is also in the process of welcoming a new family on Cypress Mill.  Has not been able to catch them at home.
Old Business:
* The drainage project east of the Clubhouse is still in the process of being completed.
* French drain will be installed to the east of Clubhouse/north side of playground area.  $659 
* Some irrigation system work will be done in the Shiloh Creek Island area soon.  $323
* Nedra Segall reported the findings of the Furniture Committee.  Two new tables (including a protective glass top) and 8 chairs will
purchased for the Clubhouse.  Total $8100.    Motion was made by Lyle Testerman to approve this purchase.  Seconded by Pat
Kennedy.  All approved, none opposed.    “Thank You” to Nedra Segall and Nancy Cooper for shopping for the new furniture.  Also,
“Thank You” to Robyn Davies (Furniture Showcase) for a nice discount on the purchase.  
* Clubhouse Policy Update:  We will now have Clubhouse Hours:  7am-11pm.  We will also have an “assumption of risk” clause added to the Clubhouse Policies. Motion to approve was made by Nedra Segall, seconded by Lyle Testerman.  All approved, none opposed.
* BC Homeowner’s Dues Late Charges-tabled until next month
 * 2020 Budget-reviewed the projected budget.  Need ideas for 2020 projects
* Brandon reported that Dennis Cyr has researched the idea of converting the pool to a salt water system.  Dennis does not recommended due to the cost of converting and the ongoing cost of maintaining.  
New Business:
* Tint windows on the Guard Shack.  Motion made by Nedra Segall to approve, seconded by Pat Kennedy.  All approved, none opposed.
Pool furniture will be stored in the guard shack during the winter months.
* Discussion of the amount of future HOA dues.  We will keep it the same ($700) for 2020.
*Also, the basketball goal situation was mentioned.  It was suggested that Sara emphasize the basketball guidelines in the newsletter.  
Nedra Segall made motion to adjourn the meeting.  David Conway seconded.  All approved, none opposed.