Berry Creek HOA Annual Meeting

November 4, 2019 at 6:00pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse


  • Meeting called to order at 6:06pm by Brandon Halcomb
  • Current Board members introduced. Rick Dearinger and Lyle Testerman are resigning from the board and are thanked for their service.
  • Brief history of the HOA: The current HOA took control in 2017 . The bylaws and covenants were updated and voted on by residents in January 2019. During 2019 there has also been a formalized agreement between the HOA and the Garden Homes, establishing them as a neighborhood within the HOA.

Current Improvements and Updates

  • During 2019, several capital improvements were made including: replacing trees at the main entrance, painting the interior of the clubhouse, adding guttering to the clubhouse, a shade installed at the pool, irrigation and trees added to the Shiloh Creek island, improvements to landscaping, purchasing of 2 tables and 8 chairs for the clubhouse, a TV in the fitness room, and drainage repairs at/near the clubhouse.
  • The HOA used monthly newsletter to inform/remind residents of common covenant issues. Letters were sent to residents that were in violation of covenants. There has been a positive response to these letters. Beginning in January 2020, the covenants will be enforced. Please let the HOA Board know if you see any issues.

Finance Report

2019 Budget

  • 100% of dues were collected in 2019. The HOA Board continues to build the reserve fund by putting another $15,000 in a CD. This is in addition to the $15,0000 CD from 2018.

2020 Budget

  • The HOA proposes to add a $10,000 CD to the reserve for 2020.
  • 2020 Proposed capital improvements were presented. See proposed 2020 budget for these items:

Committee Reports

Welcome Committee

  • Welcome Committee members were introduced. Nancy Cooper gave a brief description of the packet they give new residents. Please contact the board if you are interested in joining the welcome committee.

Social Committee

  • We are currently looking for volunteers to join the social committee. Several events are planned for the adults in the community, but we would love to see more events planned for families. Events in the past have included: Easter egg hunt, Santa visit, Halloween costume party/parade, 4th of July cookout, back to school event, etc. Please contact the board if you are interested in joining the social committee.

Questions from Residents

  • Regarding cost of lawn service: Our current lawn contract expires in March 2020. The Board will begin taking bids in January.
  • Regarding dues once the reserve fund goal is met: The goal of the HOA is to maintain operating costs as needed. Each year the Board will review the HOA dues in order to meet operating costs. Dues will remain at $700 for 2020.

Election of Board Members

  • Kathy Anderson introduced the nominating committee and shared the names of the nominations for new board. The nominees are: Kathy Anderson, Sara Arens, Rod Billings, David Conway, Nancy Cooper, Diane Fix, Brandon Halcomb, Don Hansen, Pat Kennedy, Ryan Miller, Chris Norwood, Nedra Segall.
  • Nominees were invited to speak.
  • The floor was opened for nomination. No new nominations.
  • Residents were asked to vote for 11 Board Members. 1 vote per household. Residents signed at the voting table when ballots were turned in.
  • The results of the election will be approved during the November board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:38pm