Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

May 13, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Lyle Testerman, Nancy Cooper, Rick Dearinger, Sara Arens, Don Hansen

Approval of previous minutes: Approval of April minutes: Lyle motions, Don seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.

Comments from guests:

  • David and Cathy Conway present at meeting. 
  • No comments

President’s Report:

  • Rick made a new sign for the pool and it has been installed. 
  • Pam Lanman planted plants in the pool island again this yeara
  • Dennis and Brandon replaced 2 gauges on the pool, 1 more fitting to be ordered/replaced. 
  • New “can’t slam” added to the pool gate so that the gate will close (Oakley fence $300)

Maintenance Report

  • Dearingers has original templates and can cut out mailbox numbers for residents to purchase. 

Finance Report

Monthly Financial Summary

  • See Nancy’s report
  • 4 residences still owe dues (1 will pay by June 30)

Committee Reports

          Social Committee: still working on finding members for the social committee

          Welcome Committee: visited 2 new families

Old Business

Agreement between Berry Creek Community Association and Berry Creek Garden Homes Neighborhood Association

  • HOA Board recommends some changes to Section 7.6.
  • A few other paragraphs were updated to reflect new covenants
  • Lyle motions to table until next month, Rick seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

2019 Capital Improvements

  • Checked areas complete
  • Waiting for interior of clubhouse painting estimates (June 10-14)
  • Sunshade: 2 quotes for sunshades.  Lyle motions to get the arch shade sail with taupe shade.  Don seconds.  Favor, 1 opposed. 

New Business

  • 3015 W. Shiloh Creek (rocks): email from neighbors
  • Lyle Testerman made a motion to contact the property owner at 3015 W. Shiloh Creek if the rocks are not moved by June 1 and discuss the next steps.  Motion was seconded by Rick Dearinger.  All approved.
  • Drainage at Clubhouse: Drainage at clubhouse: Erosion between Lyle’s house and the clubhouse.  Estimate for sod $500.  Estimate for stone $300/ton.  Still waiting on another estimate from AAA landscaping. We will revist next month when we have more estimates.  Other ideas: concrete, gravel?
  • New Board Members        
    • Lyle Testerman made a motion to appoint David Conway to the vacant position on the Board.  Motion was seconded by Nedra Segall.  All approved.
    • Nancy Cooper made a motion to appoint Kathy Anderson to the vacant position on the Board.  Motion was seconded by Rick Dearinger.  All approved.