Berry Creek HOA

Board Meeting

May 14, 2018

Members Present

Don Hansen, Pat Kennedy, Diane Fix, Nancy Cooper, Brandon Halcomb, Chris Goff, Sara Arens

Guest Present


Approval of Previous Minutes

Don Hansen motioned to approve April meeting minutes. Pat Kennedy seconds. All in favor, none oppose.

President’s Report

Pool Opening– Pool lights needed repaired, sockets needed replaced. Cost HOA $2500 from surplus. One filter needs repaired. Addition to pool rules: no glass near pool. Per the health department: If glass is broken in the pool, the pool will need to be drained and cleaned before it can be reopened.

Playground Sign – Completed by Rick

Playground Landscaping – Gary Shan is doing the landscaping. The benches will be placed after trees are planted.

Lawn Care/Irrigation – Neighborhood sprinklers will be run along 19th 3x week. The front beds are running daily until new plants are established. Some zones along 19th and in the Garden Homes need repaired and some water lines will need replaced (Estimate $500).

Neighborhood Tax Assessment – Clubhouse was assessed as a commercial property. Last year’s assessment was for $523, 000. This year was initially assessed at $931, 000. Later was reassessed at $684, 000.

Contract for Clubhouse Cleaning – Diane Fix will put together a cleaning contract for the board to vote on.

Schatz Window Washing – Quote for cleaning is $180 for an annual cleaning. Nancy motioned to have an annual cleaning, Nedra seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Letter to Builders- 1st letter sent to builders on June 1, as a heads up that they will be asked on Jan 1 to pay HOA dues on lots/building homes.

Maintenance Report

1. Sidewalk is complete – Paid. Budget was $5000. $500 additional from surplus to pay for dirt removal.

2. Fitness room door is installed – Commercial door. Budget was $2000, actual cost was $1750.

3. Clubhouse plumbing and electrical outlet – The sink in the outdoor women’s bathroom needs repaired. Need to provide plunger for outdoor bathrooms.

Finance Report

Nancy Cooper gave the April financial report, and it will be posted on our HOA website <>.

Unpaid Dues – We have 6 residents who have not paid their 2018 HOA dues, 1 is a home for sale.

Committee Reports

Social Committee – Currently 2 members: Sara and Nancy. Summer pool party will be June 1. Suggested idea: put a sign up at the party for residents to help at other events throughout the year.

Welcome Committee – Currently 3 members. When new residents move into Berry Creek, members of the committee welcome them to the neighborhood and provide them with information about Berry Creek, the website, etc.

Old Business

Clubhouse Usage Lyle Testerman made a motion that we table the discussion until next month. Pat Kennedy seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Covenants – Final version needs to be discussed with an attorney. We need to seek outside attorneys to determine the cost for having our Covenant Revisions reviewed.

New Business

1. Solar lights at main entrance – Nancy Cooper suggested a purchase of solar lights for the entrance garden beds to make them more visible for drivers at night. Lyle Testerman made a motion to purchase. Diane FIx seconds. All agree, none opposed.

2. Clubhouse keys – All residents are given 2 pool/fitness room keys. A new resident requested more keys for multiple household members. The board denied this request.

3. Yard upkeep – Assistance was requested with a neighbor whose yard (esp. backyard) is unsightly (i.e. trash cans left out, garden tools kept in the yard, etc). Brandon will visit the neighbor and review current covenants.

4. Thank you – The Scott’s for the clock mantle in the clubhouse. Pat Lanman for planting and watering new plants in the pool area.

Meeting was adorned