Berry Creek Pool       By:  Dennis Cyr – managing care


Your Berry Creek pool will open for the 2018 season Saturday, May 12th and close Sunday, September 30th.


Your Berry Creek Pool will open Tuesdays through Sundays (7:00am to 10:00pm) this summer until the end of September, and near 7:00pm on Mondays.


This time of year plan on 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening for the pool to open on Mondays. It opens on Mondays when the “closed” signs come down and the water is back down to 3 ppm (parts per million) chlorine.

The pool “water” closes at 10:00pm every evening, yet you are welcome to enjoy the deck and clubhouse overhang seating and atmosphere after hours for visiting – please respect the neighboring homes as you visit and entertain.


The pool is closed for maintenance on Mondays until around 7:00pm.

Chlorine level will be raised at about 10:00 each Sunday evening to “shock” the water – freeing it from potential contaminants and will take the next day to return to a safe level to swim. The lowering of chlorine level depends on some factors including sunny / cloudy conditions and water temperature.


Care of the pool Facilities:   I’d like to introduce myself and my wife Elizabeth. I’m Dennis, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Team Stillwater, Realtors and your neighbor just east of the pool. I taught summer swimming lessons for 31 years, managing a backyard pool for 28 of those and the Stillwater Country Club pool for the final 3 years. This is my 10th season to care for our pool and fountain. My wife Elizabeth (assistant Director of Family/Graduate Housing and the Family Resource Center – OSU) and I will manage your Berry Creek pool daily. In fact, we will be testing the water chemistry 3-4 times per day and “shocking” it once per week as the Health Department requires. If you should notice any items of concern, please contact me (Dennis) at 405-714-1799 or by email at . If you should notice a spill or a mess in the bathrooms or other places, please use the cleaning supplies which are available in the cabinet of each pool bathroom or in the storage room across from the clubhouse kitchen. Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated. Should there be a fecal (poop) or vomit accident noticed in the pool water, I should be notified immediately and the pool be closed until it can be sanitized and safe to swim in again — usually the next day.


No glass of any kind is permitted within the fenced are of the pool. Glass breakage in the pool requires it to be drained, cleaned and refilled.


Pool Water:  We intend to keep your pool very clear and clean. Please help the pool withstand rain and other changes to its water balance. You can help in the following ways:

  • Apply sunscreen well before coming to the pool when at all possible and rub it in completely. This helps it become waterproof to better protect you and your children and … keeps it from washing off quickly – restricting the filters, creating a slick on the walls and increasing eye discomfort.
  • Have separate swim wear and accessories/toys for pool and lakes. Mustard Algae (for example), as well as other forms of contaminants, can remain active when dry and can be transferred to your pool. Mustard Algae in particular is very difficult to control once present – please help keep it out of the Berry Creek Pool. Please be cautious after enjoying untreated water such as lakes, ponds, etc. It is a good practice to wash all swimwear but also have separate swimwear for the pool.
  • On diapered infants, please use a type which gathers at the legs and waist and monitor often. Visible feces or vomit in the water will close the pool for at least the rest of the day to clean and so chlorine sanitizer can be raised to above the shock level (5 – 10 ppm “parts per million”) and then allowed to dissipate down to the swim level (3 ppm or below). Chlorine is maintained at 1–3 ppm during swim hours.


Having now mentioned vomit, let me suggest that you allow an hour to digest a normal meal or a large snack amount of food before swimming. The two greatest reasons to wait the full hour are: 1) even a slight choke of water can reverse the swallowing action of the food tube and … well, you know it can make a mess in the pool, and 2) while your blood supply is focused on food digestion, the muscles get less circulation. Swimming or other exercises could cause muscles to fatigue or cramp easier causing a safety concern if swimming. For these two reasons you probably have heard that you should wait an hour after eating to go swimming.


Swimmers’ Ear:  Inflammation of the ear canal happens at times because moisture remains too long in the ear canal allowing bacteria to grow. Ear wax acting as a sponge is a major cause. Have ears checked in early swim season. Use that doctor visit to ask if an ear drop (vinegar and/or alcohol solution) preventative is advised. Bacteria “hates” both vinegar and alcohol. There are over the counter products as well.


Safety is Important to us all:  The Health Department maintains checks on all Stillwater and area group pools including Berry Creek 3 – 4 times per year. Your Berry Creek Pool had excellent reports by the Health department the 8 summers I took care of our Berry Creek pool from 2007 – 2014 plus last summer and with your help that is expected to continue. The reports focus on water balance, filtration, water clarity and safety around the pool area. We need you then watching the sunscreen, lake algae, sweat/body oils and other contaminants. This summer then should be extremely pleasurable at your Berry Creek Pool. Elizabeth and I are happy to return.


Once again – very important!!!! If you swim in the area lakes – please have a swimming suit separate for the lake water. Mustard algae is common in the lake water and can easily be transferred to our pool. The spores of the algae remain active even when dry on the suit and are very hard to eliminate once they take hold of our pool water. Mustard Algae minimizes the effect of chlorine in the water and then takes over.


Your help with child supervision at the pool is also extremely important. Children through 17 years of age must have an adult (18 years and older) with them when using the pool. It is always a good idea to have a “Buddy” when using the pool at any age.


Thank you for your help. We’ll see you at the pool – hopefully often.



Elizabeth and Dennis Cyr  (Dennis: 405-714-1799)

1424 S. Culpepper Drive – just east of the pool