Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

June 20, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Kathy Anderson, Nedra Segal, Nancy Cooper, Chris Norwood, Trevor Davenport, Pat Kennedy, Sara Arens

Approval of previous minutes: Nedra motions to accept the May minutes, Kathy seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Comments from guests: no guests

President’s Report/ Maintenance Report:

  • The grass was fertilized last week.
  • Landscapers are still working on cleaning up wet areas and some of the flower beds.  They need to work on the wall/sidewalk that faces the garden homes. 
  • Jane Carter trimmed the holly bushes at the entrance.  We are watching them to see if they will need removed.
  • Pool lock needs repaired.  In the meantime, Sara will include information in the newsletter that the key needs to be jiggled and twisted to work.
  • Sara will include information in the newsletter that reminds residents of clubhouse guidelines, including: no political events or rentals (bounce house, food truck, etc.).  Also, Sara will send a reminder that no political signs can be posted in the common areas. 

Finance Report

  • The Monthly Financial Summary was shared.  One HOA due is left to collect.
  • Pat motions to accept the Monthly Financial Summary, Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Committee Reports

               Social Committee: No report

               Welcome Committee: No report

Old Business

New Business

  • BluePeak internet, phone, tv:
    •  BluePeak quote is $250/month for internet, TV, phone and security system wi-fi. 
    • Pat motions to approve switching to BluePeak if after reviewing SuddenLink contract there are no issues with switching providers. 
  • Modification of Design Standard for fencing:
    • We need to look around the neighborhood to determine the height of current fences. 
    • We will table the discussion on standards and guidelines until next month. 
  • Pool furniture:
    • 5 lounge chairs are broken and/or cracked.  We are working with the seller to see if they are still covered by warranty. 
    • 2 new chairs have been ordered.
    • Future HOA item: do we need to look into a different type of patio furniture that will last longer?
  • Yards/flower beds:
    • Letters will be sent to residents that need to clean up their yards and/or flower beds. 


  • Kathy motions to adjourn at 6:49pm, Nancy seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.