April 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Members Present–  Brandon Halcomb, Rick Dearinger, Nancy Cooper, Allan Young, Diane Fix, Nedra Segall, Sara Arens.

Others: Kathy Anderson, Charles & Angie Crooks, Jerry & Anna Horn.


Sidewalk: The goal was to finish last week, but the freeze held up the concrete pouring.  City inspector wants to make sure the sidewalk near the Testerman’s house is ADA compliant.  Today the inspector came with other requirements. Excess water from sprinklers added another delay.  The crew will hopefully start working Wed/Thur.

Playground: Thanks Dennis for staying on top of installation.  Bouncing toys were installed too low. Dennis has contacted installer, and they are coming back next week to install based on manufacturer’s specifications.  Teeter totter came in the wrong color (blue), and correct green has been ordered and will be installed in the next week or so. Benches have been delivered, and in the next few weeks crews will begin installation and landscaping.

Fitness Room Door: Pacific Door company can do a replacement custom door from Hurd Door.  However, they suggested a fiberglass door for exterior, which we have already discussed and have been quoted by Lee Glass Company for $1200.  Door would still need to be painted, so we would repaint all black metal work outdoor work. We will go with the door from Lee Company and need to get a quote on exterior painting.  Allan will contact Lee Glass Company tomorrow.

Allan Young has announced his departure as president of the HOA board.  He will assist Nancy with finances during the upcoming months. Brandon Halcomb has been nominated for President.  He has accepted the nomination. 2nd: Nancy Cooper, 3rd: Nedra Segall. All board members are in favor and none opposed.  

Anna Horn (Asked to come address the board in reference to new clubhouse usage and fees)-

Anna and Jerry Horn sent a letter to the board expressing concerns with the recent Clubhouse Rental policy.  The Horn’s and a few other residents (see meeting attendance) attended the meeting to share their concerns and to hear the board’s reasoning for the new policy.

Board will take all this input and continue discussion on clubhouse rental.

Rick makes a motion to allow for community input. The board will consider drafting a questionnaire to send to residents for input.  Sara will draft a questionnaire and email board for input.

Discussion on clubhouse usage policies will continue at May HOA Board meeting.


There is a need for neighbors to volunteer to help with regular maintenance (changing light bulbs, fixing broken tables, getting quotes for larger maintenance issues, etc.)  Volunteers also needed to check clubhouse after reservations to ensure temp is set right and all is in good shape, etc.

Thanks to all those who have recently fixed things or volunteered their time. (Brandon fixed large table in clubhouse, which saved the cost of a new table! Dennis has devoted lots of time overseeing install of playset. Angie and Charles Crooks donated folding chairs for the clubhouse.)

Nancy proposed adding “thank you’s” and “help wanted” to Newsletter to recognize and seek out volunteers to help with neighborhood in order to keep down maintenance costs.

Sara will remind people about committees/need for volunteers for neighborhood assistance in monthly newsletter.

Current needs for the neighborhood will be addressed by:

Rick will remove 2 dead/dying trees from the entrance and rehang a folding chair rack in the clubhouse storage closet.

Brandon will repair the legs on the square the table in the clubhouse.

Diane asked that we review the terms of the landscaping contract.  

Board members will review committees and possibly establish a committee chair to share jobs around the neighborhood.  (Current committees: Welcoming, Social, Covenants, Maintenance, Playground, Building).

Rick will check on a thermostat from the city that works on a timer.  

Need to have outside windows of the clubhouse cleaned.  Schatz Window Washing did windows last year, need to contact again.


Covenant committee/Board members are going to schedule a meeting with an attorney (possibly end of April) to review and revise the covenants.

Residents will have to vote once finalized.


Nancy emailed March financial summaries to the board and posted on the BC website.

Dues from 178 residents (185 lots) have been collected.

9 people are unpaid dues, 4 of those houses are currently for sale.  

Statements went out in March (3rd notice, with the statement that members with outstanding dues are not in good standing with the HOA and will not be permitted to use common areas, including the clubhouse and pool, or vote on neighborhood issues, etc. The late fee is $50).

Playground signs and clubhouse parking signs are ready to be posted.  These signs include statement: Play structure is for ages 5-12, spring toys are for ages 2-5.  Parking signs will be posted at both entrances to clubhouse parking lot. Dennis and Rick will determine location for playground rules sign.