Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

September 13, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Kathy Anderson, Trevor Davenport, Chris Norwood. Sara Arens, Jodi Deer, Pat Kennedy, Nedra Segal, Nancy Cooper, Bryan Brockbank

Approval of previous minutes: Nancy motions to approve August minutes.  Trevor seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Comments from guests: No guests

President’s Report/ Maintenance Report

  • The new lock was installed at the clubhouse.
    • The costs were $2017 for the lock and under $500 for the computer.
    • Later we can use the same system to add locks to the pool and fitness center. 
  • Trees at the fountain
    • 2 trees at the top of the fountain need to be removed. 
    • The holly bushes are damaged.  OSU diagnosed the plants as damaged from the freeze.  Damaged parts will be removed. 
  • Army Worms
    • Trevor and Brandon sprayed around the clubhouse for army worms.
    • Peak Pest Control did the grass in the pecan grove.

Finance Report:

                Monthly Financial Summary:

  • Includes usual expenses plus the expenses for the door lock system. 
  • Trevor motions to approve financial summary.  Jodi seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Committee Reports

                Social Committee

                Welcome Committee:

  • Visited new families on Cypress Mill Ave. and Berry Creek St. 

Old Business:

  • Trailer was moved on Savannah
  • Drainage behind Garden Homes: Jodi volunteers to help Brandon follow up on this. 

New Business:

  • Fall garage sale: Garage Sale will be October 9.  Sara will call Super Thrift to do a pick-up.
  • Annual meeting: The annual meeting will be held November 15.  The Board meeting for November will be held Nov. 8. 
  • Stain clubhouse exterior: Brandon will call Dog Gone painting to work on the stain once the pool closes for the month.

Adjourn: Jodi motions to adjourn at 6:26pm.  Bryan seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.