Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

September 9, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Lyle Testerman, Brandon Halcomb, Kathy Anderson, Diane Fix, David Conway,

Nedra Segall, Rick Dearinger, Sara Arens

Approval of previous minutes: Approval of August minutes.  David motions, Kathy seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Comments from guests: None

President’s Report:

  • Pool had an incident on Friday night but was reported.  Shocked and serviced during the weekend.
  • Water leaking in fitness room.  Old guttering was full of leaves.  Brandon cleaned out gutter and had a gutter company install a leaf guard.
  • Thrive landscaping will put up holiday lights at the guard shack.
  • Drainage work by the playground should start next week.  Residents on Palmetto will need to turn off their sprinklers during the work.
  • Clubhouse furniture: Rick posted and there is interest in the small table.  If it doesn’t sell, we’ll put out at the garage sale and then donate.
  • Next week (Sept 20-21) the dark section floors will be resurfaced in the clubhouse.
  • Letters are being sent out to residents who are in violation of covenants.  They are just notices of issues for residents to please make changes to items listed in the letters. 
  • Printed list of names/address have been updated.  Idea has been proposed to print paper copies of newsletters for homes that don’t have email address listed.

Maintenance Report:

Finance Report:

               Monthly Financial Summary: pool shade and some sprinkler work paid for.

Committee Reports

               Social Commitee

  • Babysitters: Sara proposes seeking 1-2 babysitters to watch children 2 and older at the annual meeting.  If weather permits, sitters will watch children on the playground. 
  • Generic signs: Dearingers will print general signs informing neighbors of annual meeting date and time. 
  • Cookies/snacks: HOA board will provide. 
  • Kathy motions for the board to pay for babysitters, signs and snacks. Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 
  • Halloween: HOA will post signs of trick or treating hours.  Brandon will look into extra patrol officers on Halloween night.  Lyle motions to pay for patrol, Rick seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Welcome Committee

Old Business

  • Clubhouse drainage: AAA will add French drain near playground sidewalk.

New Business

  • Diane Fix-Clubhouse: Large table needs to be removed.  Checklist is being “checked” but people aren’t doing the items.  People are unaware that there are cleaning supplies are in the closet.  Kathy and Diane will update the reservation email to include the checklist and information about cleaning supplies.
    • Approve members of Nominating Committee: Kathy Anderson, chairperson. Other members include Pam Lanman, Cookie Scott and Angie Crooks.  Names for board consideration need to be submitted to committee to be submitted by October 19.  Committee will come up with names for 11 board members.  Board members will be presented during annual HOA meeting.  Nominations can be made on the floor.  Nedra motions to approve committee, David seconds, all in favor. 
    • 2020 Budget Items: Possible ideas: Treadmill to replace 1, Door lock system for the pool/clubhouse, additional pool chairs, convert pool pump system to a salt water system, handyman on staff/compensation for board members that do maintenance. 
    • Next month: discuss adding information, hours, and a risk statement to clubhouse policy. 
    • Lyle proposes adding a late fee that increases each month of HOA. We will table and look at it next month. 

Adjourn: Sara motions to adjourn, Lyle seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.