Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

September 10, 2018 at 6:00pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Lyle Testerman, Sara Arens, Rick Derringer, Nedra Segall, Don Hansen

Approval of previous minutes: Approve minutes from August Meeting. Nedra motions, Lyle seconds. All approve, none opposed.

Comments from guests: No guests present

President’s Report

  • There was a leak around new fitness room door. Lee glass came to seal and caulk. Residents: please inform the board if you find any leaks around the new door/in the clubhouse.
  • Self-closing Bathroom hinges for outdoor will be installed this month
  • Exterminator coming to clubhouse on October 1
  • W Cypress Mill Street: Brandon met with a city councilman to review zoning map to find out more information about unfinished Cypress Mill Rd. Corner of Sangre and 19th is zoned commercial general and we are told this would be difficult to change to residential. Neighborhood concern is that anyone who buys the corner properties may want to connect to Berry Creek/W Cypress Mill as an exit.  City councilman is going to meet with city attorney to find out our options. 

Maintenance Report: No updates

Finance Report: See Nancy handout.  Current balance is $56, 022.79. 2 new house sales, prorated dues deposited. Only routine expenses and pool chemicals.

Committee Reports

Social Committee: Garage sale date is set for October 13 from 8-12.  Sara has the signs and will post on social media the week before. Oklahoma Teen Challenge/Savers Thrift store will bring a truck for neighborhood pickup again.  They will be in the neighborhood starting around noon.  We have a few vounteers to help at the Halloween party.  Would Movers & Shakers be interested in helping run carnival games, pass out snacks, etc?  

Welcome Committee: None

Old Business

  • Covenants: Lawyer has reviewed and added comments. Pat will consolidate and format for the board to review. Pat will also write a summary of changes for us to review. Timeline of dates for reviewing and presenting covenants to neighborhood.
  • Resident Director: David Conway has 70 people in the directory. Brandon is working on posting it online. Gather more information at HOA meetings in October and winter. Add/changes as needed.

New Business

  • Fall landscape plan:  See plans/estimates here. Lyle motions to have Nate’s Tree Service remove entrance trees, Sara seconds. All in favor, none opposed. Total landscaping budget approved: $4500 for landscaping the playground and front entrance (-$1300 for Nate’s tree removal)
  • 2019 budget ideas: Brandon will get estimates for all the ideas to share at October HOA General meeting. See 2019 proposed capital improvements here.
  • Pet Policy: Board needs to establish a pet policy for the clubhouse and pool area. Sara motions that only service animals allowed in clubhouse, pool area. Lyle seconds. All in favor, none opposed.