Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

October 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Kathy Anderson, Brandon Halcomb, Rob Billings, Nedra Segall, David Conway, Pat Kennedy, Nancy Cooper, Chris Norwood, Sara Arens

Approval of previous minutes David motions to accept September meeting minutes.  Pat seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.

Comments from guests Bryan Brockbank is present

President’s Report

  • Powell tree services will remove a large tree limb from the pecan grove near the Garden Homes.
  • David Carter is the new president of the Garden Homes Association.
  • The clubhouse door will be repainted by Collin Lewis.  Estimate $600.
  • Still receiving bids for repairing the pool.  We will use the remaining funds from 2020 capital improvements and save remaining projects for 2021.  Current bids include Pleasant Pools ($13,000), Pristine Pools ($12,0000), and Precision Pools (pending).  Options include brick and travertine.  Board will decide in November or December, work will be completed by May 2021. 
  • We purchased chaise lounge chair covers so that we can cover and store pool furniture outdoors during the winter.
  • Push, Pedal, Pull will come and service the fitness room equipment this week. 

Maintenance Report

Finance Report

  • Monthly Financial Summary was shared.  Normal expenses plus the final property insurance payment. 

Committee Reports

  • Social Committee: no report
  • Welcome Committee: 1 new resident in the Garden Homes.  5 new residents in the rest of the neighborhood.

Old Business

  • Halloween:
    • Sara shared the results of the neighborhood survey regarding Halloween. 
    • Board chooses not to post Halloween hours at the entrance and not to hire police officers to patrol.
    • Sara will create and email signs that people can post if they do not want trick or treaters. 
  • Annual Meeting:
    • The annual meeting will be help 11/17 at 6:00pm.  The Board will be at the clubhouse with small group of residents. 
    • We will also offer a Google Meet option for people to view at home.  Brandon and Sara will set up and email to residents. 

New Business

  • Nominating Committee:
    • Any member wishing to serve on the Board should send their name to the nominating committee by November 2. Nominations for Board Member will also be taken from the floor at the annual meeting.   
  • 2021 Budget
    • 2021 budget will be approved next month.
    • Current ideas for capital improvements:
      • Park benches in different areas of the neighborhood.
      • Picnic tables
      • Sports court (pickleball, basketball, tennis, etc.) in the neighborhood.  Possibly at Shiloh Creek island?

Adjourn at 6:43 pm