Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

November 12, 2018 at 6:00pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse


Members Present: Pat Kennedy, Lyle Testerman, Sara Arens, Nedra Segall, Nancy Cooper, Brandon Halcomb. **Not enough members for quorum, all voting will be postponed until December meeting.


Approval of previous minutes

  • Postponed until December meeting

Comments from guests

  • No guests

President’s Report

  • The board reviewed a letter that will be sent out with HOA dues at the end of the month.  The letter informs residents of the upcoming covenants/bylaws voting that will take place.  Board members suggested a few additions to the letter. Brandon will update.
  • November 27/28: Board members and volunteers will stuff envelopes at the clubhouse for HOA dues, letters, etc.  
  • Thank you to Brandon for placing flags at the entrance for Veterans Day.  Many neighbors were recognized on Facebook for their service. Additional Veteran Board members include Pat Kennedy and Lyle Testerman.  
  • Brandon continues to look into posting speed limit signs in the neighborhood.  

Maintenance Report

  • Elliptical machines and treadmills will be serviced on Friday 11/16. Further repair needs will be determined after this visit.  
  • Broken handle on elliptical machine has been repaired.  
  • TV in fitness room is not working.  It will need replaced. The HOA board will price new TV’s this month.  
  • Sprinkler system has been winterized.
  • Dennis Cyr winterized and locked outside men’s restroom.  Women’s restroom will be left open for everyone all winter.

Finance Report

  • See Nancy’s published report
  • 2019 Updated budget is available on the website.

Committee Reports

Social Committee

  • Approximately 30 kids attended Halloween Party.  T\
  • Christmas Party will be Friday, December 14.  Ideas include: cookies with Santa, Polar Express/Hot Chocolate movie night.  Sara will contact a Santa to find out availability/cost.

Welcome Committee

  • Continues to visit new residents

Old Business


  • Sent to lawyer to review.
  • Board is still reviewing the voting process.  We will need to collect signatures to indicate approval.  This document of signatures will become part of the official documents.  
  • Suggested idea: send out summary of covenant/bylaw updates and changes out with HOA dues for residents to review before informational meetings.  

Fall landscaping

  • Trees for playground and entrance will be planted after December 1.  

New Business

  • Minutes will be voted on in December

Adjourn at 6:42pm