March 12, 2018 Board Meeting

Meeting start: 6:07pm

Present: Brandon Halcomb, Chris Goff, Rick Dearinger, Don Hansen, Allan Young, Diane Fix, Nancy Cooper, Lyle Testerman, Sara Arens

1. Playset Update/Rules/Sign

  • Playset came in under budget.  Since the posted ages on the equipment is for ages 5-12. Extra equipment was purchased for younger children (a teeter totter and bouncy toys). Extra equipment will arrive in 2-3 weeks.  Mulch will be added to area Wednesday and playset will be opened.  Rick Dearinger will make signs to post near playground, including “residents only” and posted rules/safety expectations.

2. Covenants Update/Board Revisions? Input?/Plan with Lawyer

  • Board members reviewed proposed bylaws and covenants.  Nancy Cooper compiled a list of questions and concerns by board members.  Questions and concerns were discussed by the board.  Changes were agreed upon and finalized.
  • Lyle Testerman and Allans Young will contact Willie Baker, the lawyer who worked on the original covenants. They will ask him to review our changes and attend the next meeting to finalize changes.

3. Resident Complaint about Realtor and Political Signs

  • Political signs are on personal property and approved by the board.
  • Multiple Realtor signs at the entrance are considered an eyesore but need further consideration.  Sara Arens will ask a local realtor if other neighborhoods have rules regarding signs on community space.

4. Update on Fitness Room Door/Lock on Fitness Room Door

  • Lee Glass still has the lowest quote (approx. $1100) for replacing the exterior fitness room door.
  • Allan Young will check with a place in OKC that sells the same door as the current one to see if they can replace the door.
  • Rick Dearinger will meet with fire marshal to find out if we can add a lock to the fitness room door, making it inaccessible from clubhouse space.  It is currently marked a fire exit.

5. Update on Maintenance  (Roof, audio in clubhouse, anything else?)

  • The clubhouse roof is original and needs replaced. Our insurance company requires a $2500 deductible for a new roof.  Allan Young will confirm that insurance will replace the roof for only the cost of the deductible.  The Board voted to play $2500 for new roof.
  • The audio system panel in the clubhouse needs replaced.  Allan plans to purchase a new receiver for $300 that will have more spaces for HDMI/phone/computer inputs.  He will move the audio receiver to a space above the television.  The Board voted to spend $300 on a new receiver.

6. Financial Report

  • Bank statements will be posted to the website tomorrow.
  • Nancy Cooper will add the playset to the insurance policy.
  • Board Members are covered by insurance policy, which increased Berry Creek policy by $730.39 a year.
  • 14 units need to pay their HOA dues as of today.  Third notices will be sent in the next month or so, will approved late fee included.

7. Clubhouse Usage Fee? Data collected and analyzed by Don Hansen

  • Don Hansen analyzed clubhouse utilities and the costs for usage were found to be not as significant as we thought.
  • Allan Young analyzed clubhouse usage.  21 homeowners rented the clubhouse in 2017.  9 rented the clubhouse repeatedly.  7 rented the clubhouse 3 or more times.
  • Due to the neighborhood being full, and to allow all residents equal opportunity to rent the clubhouse, the Board proposed a rental limit per household. This will also limit clubhouse rentals for outside organizations.
  • The Board voted to allow each household to rent to clubhouse at not cost 3 times a calendar year.  Any additional dates will cost a $100 reservation fee.

8. Newsletter

  • Newsletter was a big hit!  Thank you Sara Arens for putting it together.  Residents felt included and in the know!
  • For next newsletter: add neighborhood events/dates from website, information about clubhouse rental, invite neighbors to join/organize social events with the social committee.

9. Additional Discussions:

  • Kristen Gajewski has resigned from the board.
  • Cypress Mill sidewalk/drainage update: At the last meeting, the board approved a $5000 drainage and sidewalk.  With the completion of the playground, we will move forward with this.  City permit is required for the sidewalk.  The plan is to pour 20ft of concrete drainage to run off into old playground location.
  • Next meeting: Bring ideas for a 5, 10 year plan for neighborhood improvement.  Goal is to post information on website for residents and future residents to envision future of the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned: 8:14pm