Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

January 11, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Trevor Davenport, David Carter, Pat Kennedy, Sara Arens, Kathy Anderson, Chris Norwood, Brandon Halcomb, Nancy Cooper, Bryan Brockbank, Nedra Segal, Jodi Deer

Approval of previous minutes: Pat motions to accept December meeting minutes, Trevor seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Comments from guests: No guests

President’s Report:

  • Bandit Landscaping
    • Will pass through the neighborhood to remove limbs and debris from the neighborhood and Garden Homes green spaces.
    • They will trim the broken cedar limbs along 19th Ave.
    • They will clean up the flower beds.
    • They will maintain and treat the fescue in the Garden Homes pecan grove.
    • Our contract with Bandit is up in March.  We will discuss further contracts during the February HOA meeting. 
  • Brandon is looking into getting a sign for Cypress Mill dead end/no outlet.  He is hoping to make a sign that matches neighborhood signs.  
  • The Berry Creek booking calendar software needed updating.  It was purchased for $89.
  • A builder has purchased the lot in the Garden Homes.  Floor plans were submitted to the board for approval, but more information is needed before the board can approve. 

Maintenance Report

Finance Report

               Monthly Financial Summary

  • 134 lots have paid their 2021 dues.  66 lots left.
  • Late fee of $50 (with $50 each additional month) will go into effect March 1.
  • Pat motions to approve the financial summary, Chris seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Committee Reports

               Social Committee

  • Sara will schedule a spring garage sale for April or May.

               Welcome Committee

  • 2 new residents were visited on Ashton and Wellington.

Old Business

               3524 W. 19th

  • Next steps will be to present the plan for approval at the city council.  No date has been set at this time. 
  • Builder is planning to build the 10 homes off of 19th Ave. first.
  • Building on Cypress Mill Ave. will be for a later time.
  • HOA Board will later discuss incorporating Cypress Mill homes into Berry Creek neighborhood and possible HOA dues for those lots. 

New Business

               Swimming pool repair

  • Coping Repair Estimates (to replace current brick coping with a similar brick coping)
    • Pristine Pools $11, 895
    • Pleasant Pools $12, 840
    • Precision Pools $14, 975
  • Brandon has checked references for all of them.  Pat wants to know more about the warranty provided for the materials and work.
  • Trevor motions that we use Pristine Pools, contingent on them having at least a one year warranty.  Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

               CD for 2020 Reserve Fund

  • The 2020 budget allows for the board to put $10, 000 in savings. 
  • Trevor motions to table the discussion until next month to look into other savings options, Jodi seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Adjourn: Kathy motions to adjourn at 6:45pm, Sara seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.