Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

February 15, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Nancy Cooper, Kathy Anderson, Chris Norwood, Nedra Segal, Bryan Brockbank, Pat Kennedy, Sara Arens, Dave Carter

Approval of previous minutes: Nedra motions to approve the January minutes, Pat seconds.  All in favor, none opposed

Comments from guests: No guests

President’s Report/Maintenance Report:

  • Residents received letter from city regarding landscaping near and around electrical boxes.  The city will come around in 6 weeks to check.  Residents with questions or concerns can visit the Life at Berry Creek Facebook page post from Rod Billings for the phone number and contact at the city office. 
  • Our new contract with Pinstripe Landscaping will begin in March.
  • The pool pumps will be looked at by an electrician.  We will plan to have them repaired or rebuilt if needed.  The HOA plans to buy a spare pump to have on hand that can be used in both the pool and fountain. 

Finance Report

  • Monthly Financial Summary included normal expenses plus the cost of the drainage work behind the Garden Homes/Cypress Mill.  Bryan motions to approve the monthly financial statement, Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 
  • Late fees on HOA dues will begin March 1.  Sara will post a reminder before the end of February

Committee Reports

                Social Committee: none

                Welcome Committee: none

Old Business

New Business

  • House plan 3015 W. Shiloh Creek: Plans and drawings were reviewed.  Board would like more specific information, colors, and details about the metal roof and painted brick. 
  • We will revisit the plans and consider approval once we receive answers about roof and brick.
  • Security Cameras:With recent increase in car break-ins, the need for security cameras is important to some residents.  The board has this as a 2022 Capital Improvement and will work on specifics this year.  

Bryan motions to adjourn at 6:35pm, Pat seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.