Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

February 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Nancy Cooper, Diane Fix, Sara Arens, Pat Kennedy, Don Hansen, Lyle Testerman, Nedra Segall

Approval of previous minutes: Lyle motions to approve January meeting minutes. Don seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Comments from guests: none

President’s Report:

Maintenance Report:

  • A new timer for outside lights has been installed by Marshall Electric (approx. $150).
  • A new mat, coat rack, and new TV have been installed in the fitness room.  A new cable box needed in clubhouse.  (approx. $250).
  • New power boxes are required for fountain and Berry Creek sign lights. Brandon will repair ($140).
  • Parts for fitness equipment have been ordered.  Should be in/repaired around the 3rd week of February. 

Finance Report:

  • The January financial report was presented.  Expenses included were listed maintenance items and a set of replacement keys on hand.    
  • 36 household are left to pay their HOA dues.
  •  2018 reserve transferred to a CD at 1.8%.
  • The HOA box also opened a safety deposit box for important HOA documents.

Committee Reports

  • Social Committee:
    • Garage sale will be held 4/27 from 8-12
  • Welcome Committee:
    • Welcomed a new resident in the Garden Homes

Old Business

  • Covenants election update:
    • Currently have 161 votes, voting is open until February 28. 
    • HOA Board will finalize the results of the election at the March Board  Meeting.
  • Allan Young resigned from board.  Nedra motioned to accept his resignation, Pat second.  All in favor, none opposed. 
  • HOA Board currently at 11 members.       
  • Presented a 2019 clubhouse cleaning contract to Diane Fix. Diane abstained from vote. Pat motions to accept the contract, Nedra seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

New Business

  • 2019 Capital Improvement
    • Update previously presented to document to show “Fitness room maintenance/equipment repair” to $1600.
    • Items that we are going to start: guttering, shrubs at clubhouse, sprinkler at playground, Shiloh creek landscaping, east sign landscaping and main entrance wall landscaping.

Meeting Adjourn 6:59