Meeting Start Time: 6:06pm

Members Present: ​Allan Young, Sara Arens. Nancy Cooper, Pat Kennedy, Chris Goff, Nedra Segall, Diane Fix, Rick Dearinger, Brandon Halcomb, Don Hensen

New Members: (Residents who have been involved in committees, etc.
that want an active role and have volunteered to help!) Sara Arens, Brandon Halcomb, Don Hansen, Pat Kennedy, Linda Testerman and Lyle Testerman

Playset Committee Decision/ Vote to approve purchase/ Dennis Cyr
discussion on playset
● Playground Committee proposed a playset that will cost $22,848.94 for equipment, installation, taxes and other materials. 50% of amount is due before ordering. Remainder due on completion.
● Playground construction would start as soon as possible, goal to be completed by the end of March.
● Dennis Cyr worked to plan landscaping around play set to make it more appealing to the neighborhood. Dennis shared a sketch of landscaping.Estimated  landscaping costs $2400, sprinkler system $1000.

Future board considerations: add benches and a shade tent to play area. 2018 Budget/Scheduled repairs/ Vote to approve budget/ Questions for Nancy on budget?
● Nancy Cooper shared the proposed 2018 budget. Budget specifics/details are posted on the web page monthly. Budget includes dues paid, annual operating expenses, expected income from future dues paid, and proposed expense items.
● 2018 proposed expense items include: playground/landscaping, repairs to fitness room door, drainage and sidewalk work for area on Cypress Mill next to clubhouse. Other items will remain on the board’s list of suggested expenses for a later date.
● Fitness Door Expenses:
○ Currently seeking estimates to repair outside fitness room door.
■ Lee Glass: to repair the whole panel of door and windows, est. $10,000. To replace only door, est. $1900. This option would require framing and rock work to be done by another company for an additional cost.
■ Stillwater Building Supply: waiting for an estimate from them to build a custom door.
○ Board proposed budget item: $2,000 for fitness room door repair
● Sidewalk Work (Cypress Mill Ave):
○ Currently seeking estimates to fix street drainage issues and complete the sidewalk
■ Cowboy Concrete: estimates $1700 for sidewalk and approx $3000 for dirt work/drainage
■ Other contractor: estimates $3500 for dirt work/drainage and sidewalk.
○ Board proposed budget item: $5,000 to correct drainage issues and complete sidewalk.
○ Sidewalk completion is a priority in order to keep residents safe near new playground.
● Board proposed budget item: $30,000 on playground and landscaping (see notes above)
● Board Members expressed concerns about adding any other expenses to 2018 budget in order to keep a budget reserve. Board agreed to keep a reserve of at least 10% for unexpected expenses and/or January 2019 operating expenses.
● Nancy Cooper proposed an approval of the 2018 budget. Chris Goff motioned to approve, Rick Deringer 2nd. All members approved, none opposed.

Clubhouse update from Diane Fix/ Discussion on fees, etc.
● Diane Fix suggested adding following items to ongoing repair/expenses list: interior clubhouse painting.
● Concerns were expressed regarding the clubhouse condition after events. Although a checklist is in place for residents to complete after event, some cleaning items are not completed. A large amount of time is spent cleaning clubhouse on a weekly basis.
● Request residents use table covers during events. Board may consider providing disposable covers.
● Signs will be made for 2 clubhouse parking entrances that remind people that the clubhouse/playground/neighborhood is for residents. Many outside people are parking in the clubhouse lot and walking dogs, running, etc.
● Proposed item for board consideration: usage fee for clubhouse. We are the only neighborhood with a free facility. Many other locations/neighborhoods charge a security deposit and/or cleaning fee. Concerns were raised that residents would feel that their HOA dues should be used for such concerns. Board proposed an idea to allow residents/household one free reservation per year. Board members will research comparable location fees and clubhouse expenses to determine a possible clubhouse fee.

Covenants update/ Plan moving forward
● Updated covenants are still be reviewed by local lawyers. It was suggested that Board gets estimates from lawyers outside the neighborhood to help expedite the process.
● Board members will review the proposed covenants prior to the next meeting.Agenda item for the next meeting will be to discuss covenant changes.

HOA dues from the remaining builder lots? (6 lots between Avery and Kraybill)/ Discussion
● The board is waiting on dues from 43 resident lots.
○ Past due notices will be mailed to residents who have not paid their 2018 HOA dues. The invoice will include the following statement: “A late charge of $50 will be assessed against each account that is not paid by February 28, 2018.”
○ Board will research HOA penalties and will consider sending out future statements earlier in the year.
● Currently 6 lots in Berry Creek are owned by builders, and do not pay HOA dues.
○ Allan Young has begun contacting builders
○ Board agreed to contact builders are inform them that the remainder of this year will be a grace period. Beginning 2019, all lot owners (resident or builder) will be required to pay HOA dues.

Newsletter, Minutes from meetings/ Sara Arens volunteered to do this
for us in order to keep everyone updated
● Sara Arens will be given access to Berry Creek website and resident email information in order to update minutes and distribute a monthly newsletter.
● Board will consider purchasing a message board or realtor box to post/distribute monthly newsletter to residents and prospective residents.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:54pm