Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

August 14, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Pat Kennedy, Kathy Anderson, Jared Starks, Nedra Segal, Nancy Cooper, Trevor Davenport, Sara Arens, Bryan Brockbank.

Approval of previous minutes: Nedra motions to accept July minutes, Trevor seconds.  All in favor, none opposed. 

Comments from guests:

  • Lia Merrell and Terry/Gary Varnell were present to hear updates on allowing swimming lessons in pool.  Lia Merrell also suggests an HOA sponsored CPR class for neighborhood babysitters.

President’s Report/ Maintenance Report:

  • Pump issues at the pool have been repaired.

Finance Report

  • Nedra motions to accept the monthly financial report, Trevor seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.            

Committee Reports

  • Social Committee: We bought 46 snow cones at the Back to School snow cone trick.  Total paid was $100.
  • Welcome Committee: One new resident on Ashton/Cypress Mill.

Old Business

  • Late fees:
    • Residents have offered to settle late fees.  They offered to pay $500 of outstanding balance.  Bryan motions to accept the late fee of $500 after discussion with HOA Lawyer, Trevor seconds.  6 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstained.  The motion passes.
    • Pat, Jared, and Brandon will research other HOA to find out about their late fee policies and will share in September.

New Business

  • Discuss private swimming lessons:
    • Nedra motions to appoint a committee of Trevor Davenport (chair), Sara Arens, Pat Kennedy and Jared Starks, Kathy seconds.  All in favor, none opposed
    • They will research swimming lesson/insurance options.  The recommendation will be out 30 days before the annual meeting to allow residents to review.
  • Vote to approve/disapprove house plans at 1724 S. Palmetto
    • Nedra motions to approve plans, Trevor seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.
  • Consider and vote on new Board member
    • The current Garden Homes president has volunteered to join the Board.  Trevor motions to accept her on the board, Nedra seconds.  2 in favor, 5 opposed.  The motion does not pass.
  • Other business:
    • Flower bed issues have all been contacted and resolved.
    • Pool closing September 30.


  • Bryan motions to adjourn at 6:52.  All in favor, none opposed.