Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

August 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: David Conway, Ryan Miller, Rod Billings, Don Hansen, Kathy Anderson, Nancy Cooper, Pat Kennedy, Ryan Miller, Sara Arens, Nedra Segall

Approval of previous minutes:

  • Action item to look into: have we ordered pool sign asking residents to close the pool gate?
  • July meeting minutes: Pat motions to accept July minutes, Kathy seconds, all in favor none opposed

Comments from guests: none

President’s Report: 4 new households have moved-ins since July meeting. 

Maintenance Report: none

Finance Report:

  • Normal expenses for the month
  • CD matured, we renewed for the year
  • The previous service charge was applied because of current interest rate but has now been waived.  We were refunded 4 months of charges.               

Committee Reports

  • Social Committee: none
  • Welcome Committee:  There are 4 new families in the neighborhood and 1 new in the Garden Homes.  The Welcome Committee is working to visit all the new residents. 

Old Business

  • Covenants enforcement: The board reviewed drafts of the letters from Pat.  We will table the discussion until September.  We hope to publish the letters and covenants enforcement steps for the residents to review before the annual fall meeting.  We will post on the website once it has been discussed with the neighborhood. 
  • Sara will add information to the newsletter regarding recent vehicle thefts and remind residents to check your car locks.

New Business

  • Deck construction at 3228 W. Charleston Court: plans were presented to the board.  Sara motions to approve the plans, Nedra seconds. All in favor, none opposed. 

Adjourn:  Ryan motions to adjourn the meeting at 6:28pm. Nedra seconds, all in favor, none opposed.