Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

August 12, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Berry Creek Clubhouse

Members Present: Brandon Halcomb, Nedra Segall, Nancy Cooper, Kathy Anderson, David Conway, Pat Kennedy, Sara Arens, Don Hansen, Lyle Testerman, Rick Dearinger 

Approval of previous minutes: Brandon calls for approvial of the July minutes. Pat motions to accept the minutes, Nedra seconds. All in favor,  none opposed.

Comments from guests: Cathy Conway is a guest, no comments.

President’s Report

  • Thank you to Rod and Judy Billings for repairing the clubhouse clock. 
  • The fitness equipment had the semi-annual maintenance today.  One treadmill still having issues with motor and the motor no longer able to purchase. New machines will be considered for 2020 budget.
  • Some of the Garden Home sprinklers were not working.  There was a master water valve short.  It has been repaired and some sprinkler heads were replaced. 
  • Northcutt Decorative Concrete came out to look at clubhouse floors.  There are places in the concrete where sealer is coming up.  They will come and repair the sealer (will come under warranty). Clubhouse will need to be closed a couple of days for the work to be done. 
  • Neighborhood issues: Trailer at 1402 S Ashton has been moved.  House on Palmetto will work on yard upkeep.
  • Furniture items from clubhouse (glass table and bar stools) are still being stored and for sale.   Board discusses other furniture items in the clubhouse: Should we replace the large buffet table in the clubhouse? Don motions to sell the table, David seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.  Pat amends to sell, but wait to replace.  Nedra and Nancy will look for tables to replace square table in the clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse policy: There was recent an inquiry in to whether or not a resident could rent a bounce house to use at the clubhouse. This was not approved due to the existing Clubhouse policy adopted by the Board.  When the policy was developed, the Board consulted with our insurance company.  Our insurance company recommended that anyone operating a business (commercial activity) at the Clubhouse or common areas owned by Berry Creek provide a certification of liability insurance for $1,000,000.  Part of the Board’s responsibility is to minimize the potential risk and liability for the HOA.  We do not want a lawsuit brought against the HOA.  The HOA does not have staff or a management company to collect and review the required certificates of insurance. Therefore, the event was denied due to the current policy in place.
  • Updates on covenant reminders for newsletter: The Board is continuing to educate the neighborhood on the most common complaints/violations that we hear and observe.  Please make an effort to comply with the covenants.  In January 2020, the Board will begin the formal procedures to enforce the Berry Creek Covenants.

Common Complaints/Violations

1.  Flower beds – We have many nice landscaped yards and flower beds in Berry Creek.  You can tell that many homeowners take great pride with their lawns and landscaping.  However, we have a few homes with flower beds that are overgrown and unsightly.  Please keep planting beds free of weeds, unwanted growth, dead plant material and debris.

2.  Sidewalks – Sidewalks provide a safe walking path for our residents.  Do not allow trees, shrubs and other plants to obstruct the sidewalk or road.

3.  Mailboxes – All homes within Berry Creek shall be required to use the mailbox designated by the Board and it shall be placed by Board standards.  The required mailbox is Model 4850 (black in color) from Salsbury Industries and can be found online from many vendors.  Some mailboxes are beginning to show their age.  A quick paint job with black spray paint will make it look new again.  Please ensure that your mailbox door closes.  Replacement house numbers are available from Dearingers (405-377-2800).

Finance Report

               Monthly Financial Summary: all HOA dues have now been paid. This month there were no additional expenditures.  Rick motions to approve financial statement, Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.  

Committee Reports

               Social Committee: October 12 fall garage sale

               Welcome Committee: 2 new families.  

Old Business

               Clubhouse drainage: Work will begin in the next couple of weeks.  

New Business

               2020 Budget Items

  • The Board will begin brainstorming possible items for the 2020 budget and improvements.
  • Possible suggestions: Paint house numbers on driveways, more pool furniture, fitness equipment, reseal/stain clubhouse patio

Adjourn: Lyle moves to adjourn, Nedra seconds.  All in favor, none opposed.