Berry Creek HOA Board Meeting

August 20, 2018 at 6:00pm


Berry Creek Club House


Members Present: Sara Arens, Nedra Segall, Nancy Cooper, Brandon Halcomb, Lyle Testerman, Pat Kennedy, Don Hansen, Diane Fix

Approval of previous minutes: Nedra motioned to approve July minutes.  Lyle seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Comments from guests: No guests present

President’s Report: See below in maintenance and new/old business.

Maintenance Report

  • Repairs were made to clubhouse AC unit.  
  • Door hinges will be added to pool bathroom doors to make them automatically close.

Finance Report

  • End of July balance: $62, 633.26
  • Also posted on the webpage is the CPA report of Jan-June expenses.
  • All dues have been collected for 2018, including 2 recently sold houses.
  • Projections for the rest of the year (Aug-Dec), board will need $37,000 + misc. (approx. $40, 000) to cover expected expenses.  

Committee Report

Social Committee:

  • October 13: Fall Neighborhood Garage Sale
  • October 28: Halloween Party from 2-4pm

Welcome Committee:

  • Welcome several new families to the neighborhood!
  • Currently 11 homes for sale.

Old Business

    • Covenants
      • Covenants have been reviewed by a lawyer.  He is revising some legal wording.
      • Should be completed in 2-3 weeks and then will undergo a final review by board/lawyers.  
      • Neighborhood will then vote (tentatively January-February 2019).  Board will hold informational meetings before neighborhood vote to review changes and answer questions.  
      • Once covenants are filed, there will be an increase in abstraction fees (approx $500) if someone sells their house or refinances.  


  • October 22: General HOA Meeting for all residents


  • Clubhouse lot/building rules addition will be added to the website.  This states that the clubhouse/parking lot cannot be used for commercial activity.
  • Resident Directory:
    • Currently 70 responses (30%).
    • We will ask David Conway to please send a second request via email.
    • Sara will also post request in newsletter.

New Business

  • 2019 budget ideas
    • Brandon reviewed several landscaping concerns in the neighborhood that need addressed, including replacing trees at entrance and removing trees in Garden Homes and near the fountain.  Also discussed was landscaping near playground.
    • The Board suggested spending $4500 on landscaping from the 2018 budget.
    • Other budget items will be discussed at September Board Meeting.